Time in the kitchen of Restaurant Gdańska 14 is measured by the seasons. Our menu is a combination, of seasonal products with modern culinary forms. Our chefs are not afraid to combine traditional dishes from the canon of culinary art with up-to-date cooking techniques. This philosophy ensures that dishes are not only refined in terms of flavours and delight the palates of our guests, but also showcase a variety of textures and an aesthetic form of serving.
The heart of the restaurant is a bar unlike any other. Our menu is based on original cocktails and interpretations of timeless classics. Our philosophy is what you can do yourself. All the syrups and additives that go into the cocktails are made from natural ingredients. We use natural spices, fresh fruit and the highest quality spirits to create unique cocktails both in terms of taste and, above all, in the best quality. The way they are served will surprise many of you.